Turnkey Commercial Solutions

Case #3
Turnkey Commercial Solutions

Turnkey Commercial Solutions, itself an extraordinary example of the benefits of business process outsourcing, has chosen Horizon Print Solutions as their Strategic Partner for print procurement for many of Turnkey’s clients.

The cost efficiencies and the improved transactional flow mean a significant savings, both hard and soft dollars, for our mutual clients.

The bank had been growing by leaps and bounds, acquiring and starting several banks in the southwest United States. Faced with a dozens of offices under a variety of names, with completely autonomous procurement procedures, the CFO hired Turnkey Commercial Solutions to bring control and efficiency to the method which these related entities transacted with vendors.

She improves their cost structures, she streamlines the procurement process, she audits to ensure the vendors are doing what they are required to do. She frightens many suppliers. She discovered Horizon Print Solutions as a long time vendor of the bank and ran them through the price and audit wringer. She discovered Horizon Print Solutions offers such a robust solution that she now shares Horizon Print Solutions with new clients as part of her efficiency solution.