Bill Houghton

Bill Houghton has been conceiving and creating innovative business practices for decades. With a background in food service and event management, coupled with his 20 + years in print products, Bill leads not only Horizon, but the entire Print Distribution industry in the most efficient practices possible. Bill can be reached at or 702-369-1399.


Sharon Andersen

Sharon Andersen brings a decade of military service and a precise eye for detail to enforcing a diligent approach to the accounting / record keeping function of the company. She also works on complex client projects and manages many important relationships that the company enjoys. She can be reached at or 702-369-1399 ext 208.


Nick Laymon

Don’t let Nick Laymon’s young age distract you. This industry veteran attended a Charter High School to learn the thousands of precise details of the graphic trades. An expert in Graphic Design, Prepress Operations and Print Production, Nick’s invaluable contribution to the operation of our Production Center, Graphics Center and EZ-Net support makes him one of our most valued team. Nick can be reached at or 702-369-1399 ext 203.


Wes Stubblefield

Wes Stubblefield has certainly earned his stripes in our industry and our business. An employee since 1998, Wes now leads our Client Service team after more than a decade of demonstrating his extraordinary ability to understand, investigate and deliver very robust solutions to client’s most pressing requirements. Wes can be reached at or 702-369-1399 ext 202.