Direct Mail Solutions

Take the pressure off of Mission Critical projects. The urgent mailing that must go out by tomorrow does not create any stress when you choose Horizon Print Solutions to manage it. Cost effective, knowledgeable and quick, we are an extraordinary digital mailing solution.

Outsourcing vital Business Processes is a very cost effective solution to vital letter campaigns from invoicing/collection efforts to regulation compliance requirements, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The most crucial element in choosing Horizon Print Solutions is the knowledge that it will go out, when it must go out. We work very closely with USPS and incorporate the latest tools to ensure that your documents get to your customers timely, accurately and cost effectively.

Sometimes generating and mailing correspondence to your customers is a marketing push, sometimes it is an accounts receivable effort, sometimes it is government compliance situation. Oftentimes, it is a heavy load, don’t pull all of your staff from their other departments for an all hands on deck crisis. For these times, our clients choose Horizon Print Solutions to ensure timely, cost effective mailing solutions. John Reyes of a nationwide telecommunications firm states “We have grown to rely on Horizon Print Solutions to ensure our mission critical mail correspondence gets in place, on time, every time! With their Mailing Solutions, they play a critical part of scrubbing our customer list, ensuring we never waste dollars mailing to outdated addresses. Our decision to work with this vendor is based on their robust solutions, consistent professionalism and ability to handle our most time sensitive matters exceedingly well”

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