Postage Information

Piece Categories
• Postcards: 3.5 x 5″x5″ minimum up to 4.25″x 6″
• Letters: Up to 6.125″ x 11.5″
• Flats: Larger than 6.125″ x 11.5″ up to 1 pound weight
• Parcels: More than one pound

Paper Stock
Thickness: .009″ up to 1/4″
• For Presort Self-Mailers: Use 60# offset or thicker,20# bond is too thin.
• For Presort Postcards: Use 110# index, 65# or 80# uncoated cover or 100# coated cover. 90# index, 80# coated cover and 67# vellum bristol are too thin for postcards.
• Be aware that bright or dark colored paper can cause readability problems for Post Office Equipment.

Postage Categories

1st Class
• Postcard 32 cents
• Letter: 45 cents (add 20 cents per ounce)
• Flat: 90 cents (add 20 cents per ounce)

Pre-sort 1st Class
• Postcard: 22.9 cents *lowest rate
• Common Range: 22.9 cent – 28 cent
• Letter: 35 cents *lowest rate
• Common Range: 35 cent – 42.4 cent
• Flat: 40 cents *lowest rate
• Common Range: 40 cent – 76.2 cents

Pre-sort Standard (Not considered 1st Class)
• Letter: 24.2 cents *lowest rate
• Common Range 24.2 cent – 27.8 cent
• Flat: 35.3 cents *lowest rate
• Common Range 35.3 cent – 50.4 cent

Non-Profit (up to 3.30 ounces)
• Letter: 15.6 cents lowest rate
• Common Range: 15.6 cent – 17.2 cent
• Flat: 21.4 cent lowest rate
• Common Range: 21.4 cent – 35.6 cent

The lowest rate possible normally does not occur throughout an entire mailing. Most mailings have a variable price per piece.

Addressing Space
• Minimum of 4″ x 2″ from lower right corner. There has to be enough room for the barcode if the mailing is presorted.

Ancillary Services
• Return Service Requested: The piece is returned to the mailer.
• Address Service Requested and Forwarding Services Requested: The piece is forwarded to correct address and notification of the correct address is sent to the mailer. Additional cost may apply.

Stamp vs. Indicia vs. Meter
The postage rate in a given postage category remains the same whether a stamp, indicia or meter is used.

Double-Check your Postage Dollar
Postage rates can be determined to the penny once the mail piece, postage category and mailing database are submitted to either your local USPS or the mailing department.