File Transfer Protocol

Email was never intended to move large files through the internet. As the Las Vegas local all around print house, we have to be ready to take on any project large and small. An FTP server, or File Transfer Protocol is an electronic mail box available to upload any size file and provide it directly to our in house print team.

Horizon Print Solutions is unique in that we readily provide this password protected repository where you can upload your graphics files into a secure, file location. This file location works as a shared folder for your team to provide your next printing project, whether it is a convention sign, employee handbook, training manual, or business card, to our team.

After it is uploaded a Horizon Print Solutions team member will download and review the item, then verify that it is accurate and complete for our projects. A proof is always provided for our printing projects for your approval to guarantee that our printing services are accurate, complete and quickly in your hands.

Regardless of where you are, in the Las Vegas valley, or out, we have the solutions to turn your project around quickly, contact us for a free estimate for your printing need.

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